A couple of snaps from the last couple of days:

Fern & glass ball in the sunroom, morning light

Cicada husk found on our morning walk. It's that time of the year, they seem to be everywhere

Stella, napping



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A few years back I went to an exhibit of Vivienne Westwood’s work at the DeYoung Museum in San Francisco. It was during a period where I was working 12 hours a day, 7 days a week at two jobs, and I was creatively, spiritually and intellectually drained. Seeing her clothes was like drinking a metaphysical cup of coffee.

Expertly crafted, sumptuous, always edgy and seemingly endlessly creative.

Afterwards I bought this book, and though it doesn’t include my favorite pieces from the San Francisco show, I still turn to it when I’m designing.


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I have a new  morning routine.

After pouring myself a cup of coffee, I head out to the backyard, and hunt for mushrooms. Turns out the big toadstool I found a couple of months ago was the front runner of a tidal wave of fungi. Since there are several varieties of poisonous mushrooms in North Carolina, and since my dog will, like a goat, eat anything (including glass, I kid you not) I’m taking a scorched earth approach and pulling up every one I can find.

I find about a pound a day, and this morning I found a monster that must have (and I’m not exaggerating here either) have weighed a half pound on it’s own. They are lovely to look at though aren’t they?


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Spring fabrics

Hard to think about next spring when we are soon to head into fall, but the new fabrics I picked out for my Spring 2012 collection arrived this week, and man are they stunning! So soft and airy, they feel totally luxurious on your skin. I made up a Sugar Mountain dress in the hot pink and orange houndstooth print voile yesterday:



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I was unpacking the last three boxes from the move (I know, I know, it’s been five months already!) and found this toy, which belonged to my sister and I back in the day. It’s made from heavy card, and comes with a bunch of circus animals which you can attach to each stage. The stages have a weight in the back, so the animals can swing back and forth.

Also from this weekend, freehand machine embroidery on a custom Aegean blouse, and a housewarming gift from a friend:


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Bill Hammond

Bill Hammond: Jingle Jangle Morning

A post on Facebook by one of my New Zealand friends reminded me about the work of Bill Hammond. I saw a show of his paintings the last time I was in Christchurch and loved the mysterious and slightly sinister world he conjures. His palettes have an underwater spookiness, and though painted, the images look (deliberately I’m sure) like tapestries.

Bill Hammond: Wishbone Ash Stash

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Shopping spree

Well, not really a spree. We’re on a pretty tight budget around here lately, but I had a couple of sales over the weekend, and just couldn’t resist this tee-shirt anymore:

The whiskers!!! I think I must have a soft spot for bunnies (I had a black rabbit named Buffalo growing up), because this little guy is on my wish list:

Love the jaunty look on his face, and his gold booty!

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