The Selby

I should be working, but I was cleaning up my list of bookmarked websites on my browser and got caught up in The Selby, as I do every time I visit. If you don’t know about Todd Shelby’s photographs , I highly recommend you check them out. Each shoot captures the unique and sometimes quirky details of the places his interesting and often creative subjects live or work. I particularly love that the rooms are usually not styled, and look like homes rather than magazine sets. He recently traveled to New Zealand, and took some pictures that made me positively homesick:



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5 responses to “The Selby

  1. betty

    oami, you’re from new zealand?? i had no idea. i would love to travel there. australia too, of course. (also, i wish i could take your workshop. i could use it!)

    • I’m from all over really: my sister and I were born in Berkeley in 1973, a block away from the original Peet’s Coffee & Chez Panisse. My dad is from Washington state, my mom was from England but her family emigrated to New Zealand when she was 14. We lived in Berkeley until we were 13, then my mom moved back to New Zealand and my sister and I went with her. I returned to California in my early twenties.

    • Oh, and if you get a chance to go, you should definitely do it! NZ is amazing. Believe it or not I never went to Australia, but I have friends there who love it.
      I’m excited about the workshop, should be fun.

  2. betty

    what an interesting background! i haven’t been to your part of california yet, with the exception of flying to oakland (cheap flight!) in order to visit santa cruz, monterey and big sur (and to see some friends.) my brother went to uc davis, and i think he worked in berkeley for a bit afterward, but i never visited before he moved back east. of course, i love alice waters.

    i know i shouldn’t lump nz and australia together, but they’re so far away from me, i feel i’d have to visit both! have you been back since you left?

    • Oh for sure, while you are down there you’d have to do both. Not sure why I never went. I’ve been back three times, and every time I love it more. My husband wants to retire there.

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