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I’ve been leafing through magazines and websites looking for interior spaces…I’d love to be able to capture the warm and eclectic spirit of these in our home:

One of my favorite places to drool over other people’s homes is The Selby, a project by photographer Todd Selby, capturing interesting people in their equally interesting homes. The last series are based in New Zealand, and one of his subjects was fashion designer Karen Walker. Something about her smile and the airy simplicity of her home reminded me of my best friend Ursula:



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I heart Judah Ross


I was googling Judah Ross, and this listing on Amazon popped up. Apparently this company will put any name you want on the sweatshirt, but I wonder how they picked Judah Ross as their sample text?


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A few weeks back the hubby was pruning the azalea bushes next to our deck, and found a lovely birds nest from years past. I love how the it is constructed, and how perfect it looks tucked into the structure of the branches.

Then, as he started on the next bush he found another nest, this one with four tiny robin’s still in it. We watched as they got bigger and bigger, barely able to squeeze in there together, and then one day they were gone. The hubby finished pruning their bush a couple of days ago and revealed their nest, even more beautiful than the first, lined with mud and straw.

Now that the rush of spring sewing is starting to subside I’ve had a little time to work my own nest. Honestly I haven’t been very inspired, but I hit thrift store down the street last week and came up with a few goodies, a couple of wood & velvet folding chairs, a cool basket (there’s very little storage in this old place, so I see basket collecting in my future).


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