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Spring cleaning experiment

It’s getting close to spring, and looking like I’ll be moving house very soon and I thought it was time to do a little clean out of the studio. So I’m trying out and experiment and posting some of my fabric remnants and Judah Ross fabrics by the yard in the shop. I have many more remnant size pieces stored in boxes, so if it’s popular, I’ll add more!

Cheers, Oami



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What’s in a name?

Last week I had a meeting with Cheryl and Leeann over at Epona and Oak. They have been incredibly supportive of my work, and I’m excited to announce that they are now carrying some Judah Ross pieces at the store. While we were chatting, they asked me where the name of my line came from. It’s a question that I get asked a lot, and so I thought I would share the origin here.

Judah is derived from my mother’s name, Judith Avril Wilson, who was a talented painter amongst other things. She taught me to sew when I was six, and I can remember vividly being fascinated and terrified of her green metal Husqvarna. She also had an incredible sense of style, as is evidenced here – look at that hat!

My dad’s full name is Norman Ross Powers, and been going by Ross since I was a teenager. He’s worked with his hands most of his life, as well as being a talented photographer and metal smith.

I decided to name the business after them because I hope it will embody the passionate creative spirit they passed on to me.


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